Numerical and Experimental Modelling of Wave -Structure Interaction

17-26 November

About The Workshop

About The Workshop

IIT Madras and City, University of London conducted the 1st Indo-UK Workshop in India during 2018, as part of the collaborative project funded by DST and UKIERI. Now, we are going for the second workshop via online. The 2nd International workshop will be organized by IITMadras, City, UoL and UCL, UK. The list of 16 speakers for this online workshop will discuss about various topics in coastal vegetation, wave energy device and its integration with coastal structures, sloshing, slamming, Large Scale experiments (from GWK) & its importance, SPH, Numerical modelling of helicopter ditching, Multi-scale hybrid modelling, LES in coastal hydrodynamics and many more. The workshop has two sessions, the first session was for SPARC Project and second session for the DST-UKIERI Project


Online Workshop through Cisco Webex/Zoom


SPARC Session: Tuesday to Friday
17-20 November

DST-UKIERI Session: Monday to Thurday
23-26 November


For details about the talk. click the speaker name

Speaker 1

Prof. Peter Stansby,

University of Manchester, UK

Speaker 2

Prof. Pengzhi Lin,

Sichuan University, China

Speaker 3

Dr. Maike Paul,

Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany

Speaker 4

Prof. Ioan Nistor,

University of Ottawa, Canada.

Speaker 5

Prof. Philip L-F Liu,

NUS, Singapore.

Speaker 6

Prof. K. Murali,

IIT Madras, India.

Speaker 7

Prof. V. Sundar,

IIT Madras, India.

Speaker 8

Dr. Stefan Schimmels,

GWK, FZK, Germany.

Speaker 14

Prof. Deborah Greaves,

University of Plymouth,UK

Speaker 10

Prof. Dechang Wan,

Shanghai Jiao Tong University,China

Speaker 11

Prof. Frederic Dias,

University College Dublin,Ireland.

Speaker 12

Prof. Thorsten Stoesser,

University College London,UK.

Speaker 13

Prof. C.H. Hu,

Kyushu University, Japan.

Speaker 9

Prof. Qingwei Ma,

City,University of London, UK

Speaker 17

Dr. Allan P. Engsig-Karup,

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Speaker 15

Dr. Abbas Khayyer,

Kyoto University, Japan.

Speaker 16

Dr. Benjamin Bouscasse,

LHEA, ECN, France.

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule. Time in UTC. Click on the title to see abstract of the talk

Numerical and Experimental Modelling of Wave -Structure Interaction

Opening Speech

Prof. R Raghunathan, Dean, GE, IIT Madras, India

Prof. Raj Roy , Dean, SMCSE, City, University of London

Prof. K Murali, Head, Department of Ocean Engineering

Hubert Hirthe

Prof. Pengzhi Lin, Sichuan Univ., China

Two-layer liquid sloshing under external excitations

Hubert Hirthe

Prof. D. C. Wan, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. China

Efficient naoe-FOAM-SJTU Solver for Ship Flows and Ocean Engineering Flows

Brenden Legros

Prof. Frederic Dias, Univ College Dublin, Ireland

Slamming: Recent Progress in the Evaluation of Impact Pressures

Hubert Hirthe

Prof. Thorsten Stoesser, UCL, London.

Large Eddy Simulations of wave-structure interactions

Hubert Hirthe

Prof. Qingwei Ma, City, University of London, UK

Development and Application of Multimodel and multiscale simulation of FSI


Hotel 1

Dr. V. Sriram

Associate Professor,
Department of Ocean Engineering,
IIT Madras, Chennai, India

Hotel 2

Dr. Shiqiang Yan

Reader in Hydrodynamics,
Civil Engineering,
City, University of London, UK

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Dr V. Sriram (vsriram@iitm.ac.in) or Dr. Shiqiang Yan (shiqiang.yan@city.ac.uk)