Research Guidance

Research Guidance

    M.Tech Thesis

 S.NO    Name of the Student    Title of thesis  Year of award    Co-guide
 1.  Mahesh Naik  Breaking wave forces on verical walls  2005   ——
2. Ashish C. Redkar  Parameterisation of wind-wave modeling 2005   ——
3.  N. Senthil Kumar  Numerical investigation of breaking wave impact pressures on a vertical wall 2007 ——
4. V. Kathirvelan Numerical investigation on turret moored FPSO system 2009 ——
5. K. Karthika Cost optimization using berm breakwater structures 2010  Dr. K. Ananthanarayanan
6. M.U. Manu Hydroelastic behavior of a vertical plate under wave impact 2010 ——
7. N. Sasikala  Application of Kalman filter for wind-wave forecast 2011 ——
8. Kalaiselvam  Sedimentation in a tidal harbour 2012 ——
9.  Anu  Analysis of Wave measurements with simulation 2012 ——
10. Vedharaman 2013 Prof.R. Sundaravadivelu  Experimental studies on stability of Berm type breakwaters  2013  Prof.R.Sundaravadivelu
11. Abhinay  Numerical simulation of wave breaking on a cylinder  2013 ——
12. S.R. Subramanian  Numerical estimation of forces and response of a circular cylinder due to breaking wave  2014 ——
13. A. Saravanavel 2014  Experimental study of breaking wave force on a vertical cylinder  2014 ——

MS Thesis

S.NO Name of the Scholar Title of thesis Date of submission/ award Co-guide
1.  Koh Yih Ming (M.Eng., NUS)  Kinematics and dynamics of short crested breaking waves  2001 Prof Chan Eng Soon
2.  S. Madhuri Study on berthing structures based on revised Indian standard codal provisions  2007 Dr. R. Sundaravadivelu
3.  M. Goldstein  Wave data assimilation for Indian waters using Optimal Interpolation  2007 —-
4.  G. R. Lekshmi  Energy dissipation and air entrainment due to breaking waves Jun 2008 —-
5.  A. Arunjith  Wave induced pressures on crown wall and hydrodynamic characteristics of breakwater armoured with a new armour block  2012 Prof. V. Sundar

Ph.D Thesis

S.NO Name of the Scholar Title of thesis Date of submission/ award Co-guide
 1.  M.G. MuniReddy  Hydrodynamic performance of a vertical wall defenced by an offshore rubble mound breakwater  Jul. 2005  Dr.R.Natarajan
2.  R.Balaji  Characterisation of sea states from dynamics of discus data buoys Jul. 2007  Prof. V.Sundar
3. K. Sankar Babu  Wave transformation due to array of cylinders May 2008  Prof. V.Sundar
4. V. Sriram  Numerical Wave tank simulation of Non-linear waves Jul. 2008 Prof. V. Sundar
5. T. Nasar  Liquid sloshing dynamics in a barge carrying container  Sep. 2008  —–
6. K.Krishnakumar  Hydrodynamic performance of wave screens as breakwaters and protective systems 2009 Prof. V. Sundar
7. C. Rajasekaran  Laboratory study on breaking wave acoustics and its correlation with energy dissipation and impact on a vertical wall  2012 —–
8. R.SamuelDevados  Oil spill transport and its fate in a nearshore region  2013 Prof. K. Murali
9. R. Wilbert  Hydrodynamic characteristics of Double chamber Oscillation water column device  2013 Prof. V. Sundar
10. R. Manjula  Breaking wave impact on a slender cylinder  2014 —–
11.  Swapnadip

De Chowdaury

 Simulation of nonlinear water waves  2014 —–