1. Organising Secretary (Publications), International Conference in Ocean Engineering, 17-20 Dec’96, IIT Madras.
  2. Organising Secretary, Symposium on “Foundation Engineering In Soft Marine Clays” 1 Dec ’03, in IIT Madras.
  3. Organising Secretary, Workshop on “Coastal Protection Measures”, conducted by International Ocean Institute, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, 5 &6 Nov 2004, Kanyakumari.
  4. Organising Secretary, workshop on “ Coastal Problems & solutions” conducted by International Ocean Institute, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, 3-4 Feb 2004.
  5. Organising Secretary, Workshop on “Tsunami Effects and Mitigation Measures” Dept. Ocean Engg, IIT Madras, 26 Dec 2005.
  6. Organising secretary, 15th Congress of the Asian Pacific Division of International Association of Hydraulic Research, 7-10 Aug 2006, IIT Madras.
  7. Organising Secretary, INDO-JAPAN Workshop on “Coastal Problems and Mitigation Measures – including the effects of Tsunami” (16-17 July 2007)    Photos
  8. Coordinator, ”INDO-GERMAN workshop on research activities of students” organized with Franzius Institute, Hannover and University of Wuppertal, Germany held in IITM Madras on 10th Jan 2008.    Photos
  9. Organising Secretary, International conference on Hydro Science and Engineering, ICHE2010, IIT Madras, 2-5 Aug 2010.        Photos
  10. Organising Secretary, International workshop on “Geosynthetics and modern materials in Coastal protection and related applications” jointly organized with committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics of IAHR, IIT Madras 6-7 Aug 2010.           Photos
  11. Organising Secretary, 8th PIANC-COPEDEC Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries to be held in IIT Madras 20-24 Feb 2012    Photos
  12. Organising Secretary, Second International Workshop on “Geo-synthetics and modern materials and modern materials in coastal protection and related applications” jointly organised with Universidad Anahuac Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico, 4 –5 March 2013 in IIT Madras.           Photos
  13. Organising Secretary, HYDRO 2013 INTERNATIONAL conference, 4-6 Dec 2013 in IIT Madras.       Photos
  14. Organising Secretary, International workshop on Ocean Wave energy, jointly with NTNU, Norway, 2-3 Dec 2013 in IIT Madras.    Photos
  15. Organising Secretary, Indo-Japan Workshop on River Mouths, Tidal Flats and Lagoons, IIT Madras, Chennai, India, Sep. 15-16, 2014.                 Photos
  16. Organising Secretary, 8th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts, (APAC 2015) 7-10 Sept 2015.       Photo
  17. Coordinator Workshop on Numerical Modeling of Free Surface Flows in Coastal and Ocean Engineering (hands on experience) – REEF3D : Open Source CFD.
  18. Organising Secretary, Indo-Australian Marine Renewable Energy Symposium, 4-5 April 2016, IIT Madras.
  19. Joint organizing secretary, Second Indo-Australian Marine Renewable Energy Workshop held on 17th February 2018, IIT Madras.
  20. 4th International Conference in Ocean Engineering (ICOE 2018) held on 18th – 21st February 2018, University of Mauritius.
  21. Organising secretary, National Workshop on Coastal Management Information System held on 27th February 2018 in IIT Madras.
  22. Organising Secretary, ‘Hands on training in Coastal management information system’ for Govt Officials at IIT Madras, 19-29 Nov 2018.
  23. Organising Secretary, ‘Second National workshop on Coastal Management Information System at IIT Madras on 11th March 2019.
  24. Organising Secretary, ‘Fifth Intl conf in Ocean Engineering, ICOE 2019, Mauritius,28 July -1 Aug 2019.