Consultancy Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Co-investigators ( **)
1 Design & Development of a Longitudinal Wave Beach System for a High Speed Towing Tank Defense Research & Development Organization CG,JSM & SMS
2 Design & Development of a Transverse Wave Absorber System for a High Speed Towing Tank -do- CG,JSM & SMS
3 Design of Fisheries Harbour Gopalpur Port Project CG, RSV & SRG
4 Design of Approach Trestle -do- -do-
5 weather Window for Tamil Nadu Coast Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Madras CG
6 Numerical Modelling and Flume Investigations for Pipavav Port, Gujarat Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Bombay SNR & RN
7 Study of Wave Characteristics in Ravva Field of K.G.Offshore O.N.G.C., Madras Nil
8 Design of Sea Water Intake System Birla Periclase, Visakhapatnam SNR, RSV & RN
9 Extension of Haddow Wharf Andaman Harbour Works VSR & RSV
10 Spencer’s Aquaculture Project Spencer’s & Co SNR & RSV
11 Design of Sea Water Intake System at Naripaiyur Entoma Hydro Systems, Madras MRP & RSV
12 Development of Colachel Port Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Port Development MRP & RSV
13 Design for Diffusor System ABAN Constructions RSV
14 Development of All Weather Port at Gopalpur Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. CG & RSV
15 Sea Water Intake Gopalpur Port Project RSV
16 Design of Deep Water Berth Gopalpur Port Project CG, RSV & SRG
17 Potential Sites along Orissa Coast Government of Orissa CG, RSV
18 Dredging Chilka Mouth Chilka Development Authority CG, RSV
19 Master Plan for Gopalpur TISCO CG, SRG & RSV
21 Wave Flume Studies for Breakwater Section/Round Heads Proposed for Jaigad, Agargule, Vijaydurg & Redi Ports. NIO, GOA RSV
22 Analysis of Sea Water Intake System for Kovaya, Gujarat. LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD. MUMBAI MRP & RSV
23 Behaviour Changes in Pulicat Backwaters. NMTPP TNEB, ENNORE, MADRAS MRP
24 Off shore feed stock handling facility for PP/PE Plant – North of Kakinada. M.K.R. Industries Ltd. Secunderabad MRP & RSV
25 Studies on tidal effect in Adyar River ESKAY DESIGNS, Madras MRP
26 DPR for Nagapattinam  Port TNPD, Chennai MRP & RSV
27 DPR for Cuddalore Port TNPD, Chennai MRP & RSV
28 DPR for Vallinokkam Port TNPD, Chennai MRP, RSV & RN
29 Stability Analysis of Composite Breakwater at Mormugao Port Mormugao Port Trust, Goa MRP
30 Construction of Mini Fishing Harbour at Muthalapozhi – Numerical Model Studies Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram RSV
31 Amba Creek Crossing – Request for Calculations for Floatation and Buoyuancy. ABAN Constructions, Chennai. RSV
32 Design of Diffuser Support System for Jam Nagar ABAN Constructions,Chennai RSV
33 Numerical Modeling for Tranquility Studies for Rameswaram Fisheries Harbour Fisheries Department, Chennai RSV
34 Construction of 25 MLD Capacity Sewage Treatment Plant at Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Visakhapatnam. MRP
35 Feasibility report for proposed Fishing Harbour at Veerapandiapattinam in Tuticorin Fisheries Department, Chennai RSV
36 Breakwater Flume Studies of Thangassery Fishing Harbour Harbour Engg. Dept.Thiruvananthapuram Nil
37 Barge Mounted Power Plant at Mangalore Encon Services Pvt. Ltd. Chennai RSV & SRG
38 Model Testing of Breakwater Cross Section for Muthalapozhy Fishing Harbour Harbour Engg. Dept.Thiruvananthapuram Nil
39 Seawall – North of Madras Harbour Kampsax Industries, Chennai KA
40 Ennore Manali Road Improvement Project -Additional Surveys and Numerical Modelling Kampsax Industries, Chennai KA
41 Numerical model studies for Rameswaram Fishing Harbour IHH ,Poondi Nil
42 Sea water intake well and jetty of Simhadri Power Plant of NTPC Navayuga Engg. Co. Ltd., Visakhapatnam Nil
43 Coastal Erosion Protection at Outer Wheeler Island DRDO, New Delhi Nil
44 Minor Fishery Harbour at Harwood Point, Kakdweep Dist.- Model Studies West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd., Calcutta Nil
45 Model study for effluent disposal pipeline at simhadri make up water system Navayuga Engg. Company ltd nil
46 Bathymetry survey for Arcottuturai, Tamil Nadu Dept. of Fisheries, Govt of Tamil Nadu KA
47 Bathymetry survey for Portonova, Tamil Nadu Dept. of Fisheries, Govt of Tamil Nadu KA
48 Bathymetry survey of punnakayal, Tamil Nadu Inst. Of Hydraulics & Hydrology, Poondi KA
49 Sea Erosion on the north of Sriharikota Island Andhra Pradesh Dept. of  Space KA
50 Hydrodynamic Performance of Geobags protected by Rip-Rap layer Garware Wall Ropes Ltd, Pune Nil
51 Anti Sea Erosion work coastline north of Royapuram Fishing Harbour Near Ennore Public Works Dept, Govt. of Tamil Nadu KA & SAS
52 Construction of a Fishery Harbour at Mahe, Pondicherry state. Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
53 Sea Protection works along Ennore Expressway. Tamil Nadu Road Development Company Limited, Chennai. SAS
54 Model Study, Wave Flume Study under normal and storm conditions. Afcons Infrastructure Limited, Mumbai. SAS
55 Bathymetry survey and Numerical model study for periakadu groin work. Water Resource Organisation, PWD,  Madurai SN & RSV
56 EIA Report for Jetty at Bassein Port Good Earth Maritime Limited, Chennai. Nil
57 Pre cast concrete blocks for use in Marine Envivonment in the Breakwater at the Outer Arm and East Qudy at Chennai Port Trust. Chennai Port Trust, RSV & KA
58 Mudslides studies & Engg analysis for submarine pipelines in KG Offshore area IEOT, Oil & Natural gas Commission, Maharashtra SNR
59 Hydrographic survey of Nizampatnam Good earth Maritime Ltd KA & KM
60 Improvement schemes for keeping the mouth of river Kuantan, Malaysia open Perunding Bakti, Kualalumpur, Malaysia (for Dept. of Irrigation, Govt. of Malaysia) Nil
61 Construction of a fishery harbour at Cheruvathur – Model Studies Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
62 Model studies for the proposed fishery harbour at Chettuvai Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
63 Vizhinjam fishery harbour project – Siltation on the mouth of Wharf at Vizhinjam. Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
64 Suggesting comprehensive plan and design by conducting mathematical and physical model studies for the minor commercial and fisheries harbours in Karnataka state. Government of Karnataka, Department of Ports & Inland Water Transport RSV
65 Development of adequate road connectivity to Chennai and Ennore port – sea protection work – Hydrographic surveys RDS Project LTd, Chennai KA
66 CPCL-5.8 MGD Desalination project at Ennore – Engg. Related to intake well with pumphouse and jetty. Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Chennai  
67 Off-shore pipe protection for GIDC Effluent pipeline Larsen & Toubro Limited, Chennai  
68 Tamil Nadu sea coast – Effect of Tsunami – proposal for construction RMS walls/groynes/retaining walls-consultancy services Public Works Department, Chennai RSV
69 Construction of a groyne field – numerical studies and site survey at Chennai Port Chennai Port Trust, Chennai SAS
70 Numerical modeling studies at Impound for dock off Tekra Kandla Port Trust, Gujarat KM & SAS
71 Model studies for minor fishery harbour at Harwood point, West Bengal West Bengal Fisheries corporation ltd., Kolkata KM
72 Extension of South Breakwater – Model studies Paradip Port Trust, Orissa KM
73 Shore protection works – numerical model studies Paradip Port Trust, Orissa SAS & RSV
74 Development of fishing harbour at Chellanam in Ernakulam district – model studies Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
75 Off-shore pipe protection for GIDC Effluent pipeline Larsen & Toubro Limited, Chennai SAS
76 Construction of Ettikulam fish landing centre in Kannur district – model studies Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
77 Development of fishery harbour at Arthungal – Model studies Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram SAS
78 Shore Protection Works along Ennore Expressway, Chennai – Design of shore protection measures between groyne field 1 & 2 Tamil Nadu Road Development Company Ltd. SAS
79 Bathymetry survey and numerical modeling for the construction of groin at Periyathalai WRO, PWD, Korapallam Division SAS & RSV
80 Rock Dredging at Visakhapatnam Port Trust Dredging Corporation of India Limited, Visakhapatnam SNR
81 EIA Study for fishing harbours at Anthervedipallipalem Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & fisheries Dept., Govt of A.P.,  Hyderabad. SAS
82 EIA Study for fishing harbours at  Nizampatnam Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & fisheries Dept., Govt of A.P.,  Hyderabad KM
83 Repairing the damaged slipway Redesigning the structure at Chennai fishing harbour Chennai Port Trust SAS & RN
84 Fisheries-Improvement of Pondicherry fishing harbour-preparation of feasibility report for the proposed construction of quay in the existing fishing harbour, Thengaithitte, Pondicherry Govt. of Pondicherry Dept. of Fisheries and Fisherman welfare Botanical Garden Premises, Pondicherry SAS
85 Shore protection measures for Kerala coastline Science, Technology & Environment Dept.,Thiruvananthapuram RSV & SAS
86 Construction of revetment for control of erosion on the eastern side of east quay in Chennai Port – Conducting flume test on model. Chennai Port Trust SAS
87 Erosion at Minor Fishing Harbour at Sultanpur West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd. SAS
88 Coastal Protection Works – Construction of Groyne at Ratchagar Street in Kanyakumari – Conducting bathymetry survey and numerical modeling studies. Public Works Department, Nagercoil RSV & SAS
89 Ennore Port Expansion Proposals-Environment Clearance – Advisory assistance for conducting study. Ennore Port Limited RSV
90 Bid preparation of Design and construction of breakwaters for the proposed Port facility at Karaikal. RDS Project LTd, Chennai SAS
91 ISTK-1-Seawater Intake, outfall & product water conveyance system of CPCL project, Manali, Chennai-system study including computer based CFD analysis for intake sump. Navayuga Engg. Company ltd KM
92 Dispersion of high saline discharge studies for Chennai Water Desalination Ltd. Madras Research Centre of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute KM
93 Government of Kerala-H.E.D.-Road from Eravipuram-Paravoor in Quilon District-Numerical study The Chief Engineer, Govt.ofkerala,HarbourEngg.Dept, SAS
94 Protection of Karaikal Coast Irrigation and Public Health Division, Karaikal RSV & SAS
95 Coastal protection works –extn. of groyne @ Periyakadu in Kanyakumari district (155m) – Bathymetry survey (May’06 to Nov’08) WRO, PWDNagercoil SAS & KM
96 Coastal protection works – construction of groyne @ Mannakudi village in Kanyakumari district – Bathymetry survey. WRO, PWDNagercoil SAS & KM
97 TTDC Ltd. – Engg. wing – inspection of HT (Beach, resorts, Complex), Mamallapuram Tamil Nadu Tourism SAS
98 Development of fisheries Harbour at Arnala, Taluka vasai, Dist, Thana, Maharashtra. Investigation & preparation of Techno Economic feasibility report-conducting numerical model study and recommendation there of. West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd. KM
99 Construction of 50m wharf for coast guard at Vizhinjam – conducting model studies Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
100 Krishnapatnam Port Project – Tranquility and 2D Model studies (Sep’07 to Mar’09) Krishnapatnam Port  Company SAS
  HED – Construction of a fishing harbour at Chethi in Alappuzha District – model studies Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
102 EIA and EMP for Gopalpur Port Gopalpur Port Limited RSV, SAS & SN
103 Design of Breakwater and Diaphragm wall at Nagai Port Tamil Nadu Maritime Board RSV, SAS & SRG
104 Advisory Assistance for EIA to Ennore Port Ennore Port Limited RSV & SAS
105 Design of Breakwater at Cuddalore Port Tamil Nadu Maritime Board RSV & SAS
106 Design of Breakwater and Rehabilitation of Diaphragm wall at Nagapattinam Port Tamil Nadu Maritime Board RSV
107 Design of outfall for seawater desalination Manali Afcons Infrastructure Limited, Mumbai. RSV & KM
108 Monitoring Rehabilitation of Cuddalore and Nagapattinam Port Tamil Nadu Maritime Board RSV & SAS
109 Numerical Model Studies for offshore Terminal off Tekra with Dredge pit at -9.4m Kandla Port Trust SAS & KM
110 Disaster Management Department – Study on Coastal Protection on the Entire Coast of the State – Government of Kerala Revenue Department,Govt. of Kerala,Thiruvananthapuram SAS & KM
111 WRO – Construction of two Groynes of 400m length (each) at Theresapuram in Thoothukudi District (Feb’07 to Feb’09) WRO, PWD, Korampallam Aru Basin Division, Thoothukudy SAS & KM
112 WRO – Construction of Groynes at Idinthakarai at Tirunelveli District. WRO, PWDChittar Basin Division,Tenkasi KM & SAS
113 Construction of Ro-Ro Berth at the Southern end of the Container Terminal – Numerical model Studies to Verify Tranquility. Chennai Port Trust KM
114 Coastal Protection from Sea Hawk Golai at Digha to Jaida in the district of Purba Medinipur – Conducting models study for suggesting measures for beach nourishment (Sep’07 to Mar’09) Irrigation & Waterways  Directorate,Government of West Bengal SAS
115 Study of protective measures along the sea shore by preventing the sea erosion at shore tank facilities (STF) at Puthuvypeen, Kochi (Oct’07 to Oct’08) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited SAS
116 Harbour Engineering Dept – Extension of the breakwaters at Azheekal Port, Kannur District – Model Study (Oct’07-Oct’08) Government of Kerala, Harbour Engineering Department, Thiruvananthapuram. SAS
117 Design of Marine outfall system for SIMA textile processing centre ltd IL & FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd SAS & KM
118 Establishing stability number for Kolos, using Hudson’s formula (Jan’08-Jan’10) Krishnapatnam Port  Company Ltd. KM
119 Conducting Physical Model Studies for typical sea wall cross section (Jan’08-Jan’10) Govt. of Kerala KM
120 Anti Sea Erosion and beach safety project – Reconstruction of river training wall groyne at Kaduvayar and Kallar in Nagapattinam (Feb’08-Aug’08 Govt. of Tamil Nadu SAS
121 Chennai – Ennore Port connectivity project – construction of a groynes and sea walls along the Ennore Expressway – Rectification of damages to the Groynes during the super – cyclone in Nov 2007 (Mar’08-Mar’10) TNRDC SAS
122 Stability analysis of rubble mound break water cross section for Arnala.(Apr’08- Apr’09 West Bengal Fisheries SAS
123 Mathematical modelling for development of Yarada fish landing centre (May’08-May’10) Hauer  Associate, Chennai SAS
124 Physical Model testing of breakwater  sections  for Karaikal port project (May’08-May’10) MARG Karaaikal port private limited SAS
125 Mathematical Modelling for Development  of Nizampatnam fishing harbour (May’08-May’10) Hauer  Associate, Chennai SAS
126 Re-examining of the breakwater sections for Karaikal port project.(July’08-Jan’09) MARG Kaaraikal port private limited SAS
127 National Round Robin on Tsunami Modelling for Kalpakkam site (Aug’08-Aug’10) Safety Research Institute SAS
128 Numerical model studies for six specifc coastal stretches along kerala coast (Aug’08-Aug’10) Government of Kerala SAS
129 Numerical model studies for coastal protection along edavanakkad coast (December 2008) Government of Kerala SAS
130 Review on the Kattupalli breakwater layout (December 2008) Larsen & Tourbo Limited SAS
131 Desk studies for design of coastal protection works at Uppada Near Kakinada (Sep’09-Sep’10) Uppada Beach Erosion SAS
132 Numerical model studies for shore protection at Thalassery in Kerala coast (February 2009) Harbour Engineering Department SAS
133 Conducting numerical model studies for shore protection at Vatakara Sand Bank in Kerala coast (March 2009) Harbour Engineering Department SAS
134 Shipyard – cum – minor port project at Kattupalli Tamilnadu (Feb’09-Aug’10) L & T Shipbuilding Ltd. SAS
135 Numerical model studies for coastal protection at Kandekkadu Malakhapady in Chellanam (Mar’09) Government of Kerala SAS
136 Design the outfall from proposed CETP to below the sealevel for Mangalore SEZ project (Apr’09-Apr’10) Voyants solutions pvt ltd. SAS
137 Training works at Veli to keep the mouth open to control flooding in Thiruvananthapuram (Apr’09-Apr’11) Harbour Engineering Department SAS
138 Study on feasibility of locating mini fishing harbor north of BPCL KR’s short tank Puthuvypeen, Kochi Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited SAS
(May 2009)
139 Conducting of model studies of Tranquility condition for jetty facility to import coal for Dhopawe TPS (May’09-April’10) Dhopawe – TPS SAS
140 Conducting numerical model studies for coastal protection at Kannamaly in Chellanam Island (May’09) Government of Kerala SAS
141 Proof Checking for the bank protection at certain stretch of river Brahmaputra (Feb’09-Aug’10) Garware Wall Ropes Ltd. SAS
142 Breakwater at fish landing centre at Betapur, A&N Island (October 2009) West Bengal Fisheries SAS
143 Proof checking of design & drawings of breakwater for L&T shipyard cum port project at Kattupalli L&T Proof checking SAS
144 Stability check of (i)sea-dyke for digha coast and (ii)Groins arrest coastal erosion in digha-sankapur-chandpur-jalda area (Jan’10) Govt. of West Bengal SAS
145 Brine dispersion study for temporary outfall for CWDL (Oct’09-Oct’10) Chennai Water Desalination KM
146 Construction of fishing harbor at Valiyathura in Thiruvananthapuram District – model studies (December 2010) Harbour Engineering Department SAS
147 Fishing Harbour at Chellanam – Construction of Breakwaters (April 2010) Habour Engg. Dept. SAS
148 Testing of Kolos Armour Units (November 2010) Krishnapatnam port SAS
149 Shore Protection for Colachel fishing harbor (July 2010) Institute of Hydraulics & Hydrology SAS
150 Physical model testing for the upper zakum project (April 2010) Sogreah Gulf Fzco SAS
151 Maldives Tsunami Reconstruction project, Harbour Rehabilitation in selected islands (ungoofaaru, Manadhoo & Makundhoo), Republic of Maldives (July 2010) Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau SAS
152 Brine dispersion study for reject water desalination plant at NTECL (November 2010) NTECL KM
153 Measurement of uplift pressure on a concrete pavement over the crest of the Krishnapatnam port breakwater (October 2011) Krishnapatnam port SAS
154 Technical study in connection with the sea erosion occurring along the coast of fort Kochi Chellanam channel (March 2011) Cochin Port Trust SAS & KM
155 Shore protection along adjacent coastal stretches of cochin port due to deepening of navigation channel (March 2011) Cochin Port Trust SAS & KM
156 Littoral transport study (December 2010) Rajakamangalamthurai SAS
157 DPR for Kanakesanturai harbor project at Srilanka (May 2011) Port and Water ResourcesRites Limited SAS & KM
158 Consultancy for development of fishing harbor at Cutbona (Sal River) and at Chapora (River Chapora) in the state of Goa (August 2011) West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd., SAS & KM
159 Investigation of shoreline stability against coastal erosion at Bhadreshwar (July 2011) OPG Power Gujarat Pvt. Ltd., SAS
160 Improvement and widening to four land with both sides roads of Ennore Expressway from km1/600 to 7/538 (August 2011) Coastal SPL-JV SAS
161 Bathymetry survey in the vicinity of proposed intake pipeline, Kattupalli (August 2011) L&T Shipbuilding Limited SAS
162 Coastal Protection along the stretch adjacent to Coromandel Fertilizer, North Chennai (January 2012) Coromandel International Ltd., SAS
163 Construction of coastal road along the sea shore in Chennai Port (February 2012) Chennai Port Trust SAS
164 Coastal Protection along the stretch of Parayakadavu, Kerala (June 2012) Irrigation Division SAS
165 Coastal Protection along the stretch of Pallana Coast, Kerala (July 2012) Irrigation Division SAS
166 Coastal Protection along the stretch of Perumpally, Kerela (July 2012)   SAS
167 Coastal protection along the stretch of vakalapudi-Edatam road, Kakinada (September 2012) Govt. of Andhra Pradesh  
168 Training wall design at Punnaikayal in Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, PWD (January 2013) PWD SAS
169 Numerical model study for the proposed fishing harbor at Chellanam, Ernakulam District, Kerala (November 2012) Harbour Engineering Department SAS
170 Rehabilitation of revetment for sea shore protection along Collector Bungalow, Tuticorin (February 2013) PWD SAS
171 Shore protection work along the stretch of Vivekanandar colony, Thoothukudi (March 2013) PWD SAS
172 Climate change adaptation in rural areas of India-CCA RAI. Pilot project in Mousuni Island, West Bengal GIZ SAS
173 Bank protection for Kuttanad, Kerala Techfab India Industries Ltd  
174 Stability Analysis of WUP during floatation M.N.Dustur & Company (P) Ltd. SAS & PKK
175 Conducting bathymetry study, design and formulation of specification for shore protection measures along IREL mining area Indian Rare Earths Limited SAS
176 Engineered Reefs for mitigating wave disturbance inside Kahului harbor, Maui Univ of Hawaii SAS
177 Construction of Dedicated Berth and other Infrastructural  Facilities for the administration of the union Territory of Lakshadweep at Beypore, Calicut SH: Hydraulic Model Studies Central Public Works SAS
178 APPDCL-Seawater intake and outfall system with groynes, open channel system for 2×800 MW SDSTPS, Krishnapatnam, Nellore District Navayuga Engg. Company Ltd. SAS & KM
179 Tranquility study in the harbor basin with partially completed BW Gopalpur port ltd. SAS
180 Techno-economic feasibility study for setting up of a new major ort at Dugarajapatnam in Andhra Pradesh Rites Ltd., SAS
181 Feasibility study on the development of fish landing facility in Kanyakumari District Department of Fisheries SAS
182 Construction of Groyne at Periyathalai in Trichendur Taluk of Thoothukudy District PWD SAS
183 Construction of Groyne at Kallamozhi in Trichendur Taluk of Thoothukudy District PWD SAS
184 Construction of Groyne at Veerapanidapattinam in Trichendur Taluk of Thoothukudy District PWD SAS
185 Consultancy Contract for Construction of Seawall at TERLS, VSSA, Thumba, Trivandrum Vikram Sarabhi SpaceCentre SAS
186 Preparation of DPR for creating a protective zone for pilgrims safety in the Ocean off Velankanni church Velankanni Town Panchayat SAS