International Projects
Sl. No Title of the Project Duration Sponsoring Agency Country Co-Investigator
1 Wave Forces on Inclined Cylinders (INDO-GERMAN) (Oct.’91 to Sep.’93) Volkswagon Research Foundation Germany      Nil
2 Loads on Inclined Cylinders due to Steep Waves and Currents  (INDO-GERMAN) (Jan.’95 to Dec ‘96) German Science Foundation (DFG) Germany       Nil
3 Dynamic Pressures exerted on Semicircular Breakwaters  (INDO-GERMAN) Jan’97- Dec’2000 German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) Germany   R. Sundaravadivelu
4 Study of an energy exchange between wind and waves variability of their climate characteristics in the Indian Ocean. (INDO-RUSSIAN) Aug ’10 –July’12 Dept. of Science &  Tech, Govt. of India Russia    S.A. Sannasiraj
5 OWC Wave Energy Converters for Combined Clean Energy and Coastal Protection (OWCBW) Aug’12 to Aug ‘15 Norwegian Research Council Norway    S.A. Sannasiraj
6 Large multipurpose platforms for exploiting renewable energy in open seas June’14 to May’18 IRSES Marie Curie action of the European Union Italy    S.A. Sannasiraj & K. Murali
7 Development a new method of regime characteristics assessment for wind and waves along the Indian coast   Obukhov Institute for Physics of Atmosphere of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia     S.A. Sannasiraj & V. Sriram