International Projects
Sl. No Title of the Project Duration Sponsoring Agency Country Co-Investigator
1 Wave Forces on Inclined Cylinders (INDO-GERMAN) (Oct.’91 to Sep.’93) Volkswagon Research Foundation Germany      Nil
2 Loads on Inclined Cylinders due to Steep Waves and Currents  (INDO-GERMAN) (Jan.’95 to Dec ‘96) German Science Foundation (DFG) Germany       Nil
3 Dynamic Pressures exerted on Semicircular Breakwaters  (INDO-GERMAN) Jan’97- Dec’2000 German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) Germany   R. Sundaravadivelu
4 Study of an energy exchange between wind and waves variability of their climate characteristics in the Indian Ocean. (INDO-RUSSIAN) Aug ’10 –July’12 Dept. of Science &  Tech, Govt. of India Russia    S.A. Sannasiraj
5 OWC Wave Energy Converters for Combined Clean Energy and Coastal Protection (OWCBW) Aug’12 to Aug ‘15 Norwegian Research Council Norway    S.A. Sannasiraj
6 Large multipurpose platforms for exploiting renewable energy in open seas June’14 to May’18 IRSES Marie Curie action of the European Union Italy    S.A. Sannasiraj & K. Murali
7 Development a new method of regime characteristics assessment for wind and waves along the Indian coast July’14 to July’16 Obukhov Institute for Physics of Atmosphere of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia     S.A. Sannasiraj & V. Sriram
8 Impact of waterborne debris on the nearshore structures during extreme coastal floods (INDO-RUSSIAN) Oct’15 to Sep’17 Dept. of Science & Tech, Govt. of India Russia     S.A. Sannasiraj & V. Sriram