About Me



                               After obtaining B.E in civil engineering from University of Madras, (Anna University) in 1975, M.Tech (1977) and Ph.D (1981) from IIT Madras joined IIT Madras in Department of Ocean engineering as a faculty and I am presently a professor since 1996. I have served as the head of the department from Sep2003 to Aug 2006. I have supervised 19 Ph.D, 14 M.S and 12 M.Tech theses in India and 9 graduate theses in Germany. I have 430 publications in Conferences and journals to my credit. A few of my publications have won the best paper award in International conferences. I have participated in about 100 conferences worldwide and has chaired a number technical sessions and has served as a member of the International Scientific committee for a number of International conferences. In addition I have organized 4 such major conferences and one more will be conducted shortly. I am a member of the editorial board for about 10 Intl journals and have reviewed a number technical papers submitted to such journals. I have been invited by different German agencies as a visiting Scientist, Visiting Professor on a continuous basis from 1992 till 2006, wherein, recognizing my contributions to teaching and research I was awarded the prestigious honorary doctorate by university of Wuppertal, Germany. I am the third recipient of this distinction over the span of about 40 years of the existence of the university. Apart from this, I have bagged about 10 awards. Recognizing my contributions to the field of Coastal Engineering, The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research, IAHR, a worldwide independent organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application founded in 1935 elected me as Chairman of its Asia Pacific division. I am the first Indian to occupy this position. The Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management,a consortium of five universities in Europe, funded by the European Commission and conducted for the students drawn from countries worldwide had selected me as a visiting professor for delivering lectures in Coastal Engineering in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway during Aug-Nov 2011. The selection was from a stiff competition from experts worldwide.



I have been involved in offering solutions to a variety of coastal/Ocean engineering related problems. Been instrumental also in the development of fishing harbours along our coast apart from offering solutions to coastal erosion problems. My significant contribution is the solution to the coastal erosion problem along the North of Chennai harbor that had been experiencing continuous erosion in spite of several other solutions that were offered over the last five decades. The solution of groin field adopted, not only solved the problem but has enhanced the formation of beach. Similarly the coastal protection measures suggested by me that has been implemented along the west coast of Tamilnadu had proved to be excellent buffers in reducing the impact of tsunami 2004. My role during the post tsunami is significant and worth mentioning. I delivered lectures all over to the media/ educational institutions/ and several other agencies and also conducted International and National workshops/seminars and conferences to highlight the mitigation measures for coastal hazards. Soon after the tsunami of 2004, I was entrusted The responsibility of preparing a “Master plan for coastal protection for the Tamilnadu” by Govt. of Tamilnadu. On seeing this report and on the request of Govt of Kerala, the other affected tsunami affected maritime state invited me to prepare a similar report which was complied with. Most of the solutions that were implemented so far have yielded fruitful outcome resulting in the enhancement of the livelihood of the coastal community. I continue to carry out teaching research and sponsored and consultancy projects realetd to coastal and Ocean engineering problems.