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Response of CMT welded aluminum AA5086-H111 to AA6061-T6 plate with AA4043 filler for ballisti
Year of Publication : 2019

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Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) is a proven type of welding method using Metal Inert Gas (MIG). It is a welding technique that can be employed for marine fabrications too. Plates of AA5086-H111 and AA6061-T6 with AA4043 filler are welded by CMT. Parameters like current, voltage, arc length, shield gas pressure, etc. are varied to obtain a continuous weld without any crack. Welded thin plates are subjected to a tensile test as per the American Welding Society (AWS B4.0:2007) and thereafter impact loads are applied. The plates subjected to impact loads in the range of sub-ordinance level velocities, the feasibility of ordinance, and ultra-ordinance can be scaled and compared. Responses and terminal ballistics limit are determined for a plate thickness of 1.2 mm and 3 mm. Present work consists of simulation using Abaqus Software and experiments using Laboratory prepared gun