Visits Abroad

Visits Abroad:

Country Period of Visit Purpose
Bulgaria 23-10-1989 To 4-11-89 UNIDO Workshop in Ship Hydrodynamics at BSHC, Varna
Germany 1-8-91 To 28-3-9 Research in Ship Structure at TUHH, Hamburg
USA 11-6-96 To 14-6-96 To present paper in “Advances in Fluid Mechanics” conference in New Orleans
Japan 13-4-97 To 19-4-97 To present paper in OMAE conference in Yokohama
China 22-6-98 To 25-7-98 To attend IOI training program on “Deep Seabed Mining” in Tianjin
Brazil 3-6-2001 To 8-6-2001 To present paper in OMAE conference in Rio de Janeiro
USA 11-6-2001 15-6-2001 To present paper in First MIT Conference in Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics at MIT, Cambridge,Massachusetts
Norway 17-6-2001 22-6-2001 To present paper in ISOPE conference in Stavanger
U.K 3 days 2002 To present paper in ASRANet Symposium in Glasgow
Canada 31-1-2003 Visiting professor at MUN St. Johns