Research Guidance

Research Guidance

Number of Ph.D. (Degree by Research)

Name of the student Title of Thesis Year of Award Name of the Co – Guide(s) is any else write Nil
 Mr.P.Alagusundramoorthy Ultimate strength of stiffened panels 1994 Nil
Mrs.A.P.Shashikala Dynamic response of moored and inter connected floating bodies 1996 Prof.C.Ganapathy
Mr.S.A.Sannasiraj Dynamics of long floating structures in directional waves 1997 Prof.V.Sundar
Ms.S.S.Rajashree Non-linear cyclic analysis of laterally loaded pile in clay 1977 Nil
Mr.T.C.Mathew Non-linear dynamic behaviour of buoy mooring systems 1997 Prof.C.Ganapathy
Mr.A.V.Ranga Rao Knowledge based expert system for berthing structures 1999 Nil
Mrs.Kalyani Hydrodynamic behaviour of submerged moored cylinder due to waves 2000 Nil
G.Dhinakaran Studies on hydrodynamic characteristics of perforated semicircular breakwater 2002 Prof.V.Sundar
Mr.R.Paneerselvam Parameter identification of ocean engineering system by reverse miso method 2003 Prof.S.K.Bhattacharya
K.Muthukkumaran Non-linear soil structure interaction of piles on sloping ground 2004 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
K.Vijayalakshmi Hydrodynamics of a perforated circular case an encircling on suction pipe of a seawater intake structure 2005 Dr.S.Neelamani
C.K.Madheswaran Studies on vibration due to underwater rock blasting and pile driving 2005 Dr.A.Boominathan
M.Suneel Kumar Ultimate strength of stiffended plates with initial imperfections and cutout under inplane and out-of-plane loading 2006 Dr .P.Alagusindaramoorthy
Laju Kottalil Hydro dynamics Performance characteristics of Pile supported skirt Breakwater 2007 Prof.V.Sundar
Ms.R.Jayalakshmi Hull-Tether-Riser Dynamics of Deep water tension Leg Platforms 2008 Prof.V.G.Idichandy
Mr.A.Venkata Subbaiah Dynamic Behavioure of tension Leg and spar Platforms with cold water pipe and counterweights 2008 Prof.V.Ananthasubramanian
Mr.Purushotham Reddy Retrofitting of RC Piles using GFRP Composites 2008 Dr.P.Alagusindaramoorthy

Number of M.S guided

Name of the student Title of Thesis Year of Award Name of the Co-guide(s) if any else write
Mr.K.S.S.R.Ch.Varaprasad Finite Element Non-Linear Analysis Of Subsurface Buoy Systems 1984 Nil
Ms.R.Jwalamalini Ultimate Strength Of Ships 1991 Nil
Mr.A.V.Ranga Rao Computer Aided Design Of Berthing Structures 1992 Nil
Mr.A.Vijaya Bhaskar Rao Behaviour Of Moored Ship In Tidal Flat 1998 Dr.R.Natarajan
Ms.R.Hemalatha Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Offshore Jetty 1999 Nil
Mr.M.Gopalakrishna Non linear analysis of Berthing structures 2000 Nil
Mr.T.Satyanand Gupta Numerical prediction p-y behaviour for piles and diaphragm walls 2000 Nil
Mr.M.Krishnapriya Experimental investigation on a semicircular breakwater 2001 Prof.V.Sundar
Mr.Satyananda Gupta Non linear analysis of diaphragm wall 2001 Nil
Mr.Sriveda Kumar Hydrodynamic characteristic of floating plain and perforated plate breakwaters 2002 Prof.V. Sundar
Mr.C.Lavana Kumar Stiffened plate in ocean and offshore structures 2002 Nil
Mr.S. Purushotham Hydrodynamic characteritics of moored floating pipe breakwater 2002 Prof.V. Sundar
Mr. G. N. V. Prasad Ringing response of vertical cylinder in waves 2005 Prof.V. Sundar
Mr. V. Hariprasad Behaviour of jetty with landing platform in Intertidal zone 2005 Dr. S. Neelamani

Number of M.Tech Project Completed

Name of the student Title of Thesis/Project Year of award Name of the Co-guide(s) if any else write Nil
Mr.S.K.Srivastava Experimental Studs on tubular joints 1984 Nil
Mr.C.G.Nandakumar Stress Concentration in Tubular joints 1986 Nil
Mr.P.R.Gopu Finite Element Non-linear Analysis of Mooring Cables 1987 Nil
Mr.R.Paneer Selvam Biofouling Effects on a jacket platform 1988 Nil
Mr.M.Jarikrishnababu Experimental Investigation on a Single Point Buoy Mooring system 1990 Nil
Mr.R.Chandrasekaran Experimental studies on interconnected floating boxes 1992 Nil
Mr.V.Vengatesan Studies on single Buoy Multileg Mooring System 1994 Nil
Mr.T.Surya Rao Experimental studies on a sea water intake well 1995 Nil
Mr.S.Lakshmi Narayana Measurement of wave force and wave pressure on fender beam 1996 Nil
Mr.V.K.D.V.Prasad Rao A numerical study of moored vessel response 1996 Nil
Mr.A.Saleem Ahmed Experimental studies on a moored tanker at an offshore terminal 1997 Dr.R.Natarajan
Mr.S.Anbu Kumar Wave transmission & reflection characteristics of caisson type breakwater supported on piles 1997 Dr.S.Neelamani
Mr.K.Paneerselvam Model studies and design of piled breakwater 1998 Nil
Manjeeth Singh Chagar Degradation model for one-way cyclic tensile load on piles in soft clay 1998 Nil
Mr.K.Soundarajan Design of additional coal jetty at Tuticorin port 1998 Nil
Ashok Pitamber Trivedi Design of slipway at Kandla port 1999 Nil
Pramod B.Naik Design of Fishing jetty at Murmogoa Port 2001 Nil
Manoj.T.Issac FE-BE analysis of pavements in harbour 2002 Nil
Mr.D.G.Tilak Seismic analysis considering soil structure interaction 2003 Prof.Lothar Stemprieweski