Research Projects


Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Duration of the Project Value of the Project in lakhs of Rs. Co-Investigator
1.Ultimate Strength of Ships Ministry of Surface Transport 1988 to 1994 3.15 Prof.C.Ganapathy
2.Analysis, Design & Development of Buoy Cable Systems Department of Ocean Development 1989 to 1994 3.60 Prof.C.Ganapathy
3. Structural Design and Detailing of Wave Energy Caisson National Institute of Ocean Technology January 1996 to December 1996 4.43 Nil
4. Different types of berthing structures and development of standard design Ministry of Surface Transport September 1997 to August 2000 6.77 Nil
5.Dynamic Pressures Exerted on Semicircular Breakwater University of Leipzig, Germany 1998-2000 DM 94,367 Prof.V.Sundar
6. Hydrodynamic Behaviour of floating Breakwater Ministry of Surface Transport 1999-2001 11.75 Prof.V.Sundar
7. Studies on energy dissipating sloped seawall as shore protection structures Ministry of Human resources development 2003-2005 6.00 Dr.S.Neelamani



Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Value of the Project in Lakhs of Rs. Co-Investigator
Analysis & Design of Dolphin Madras Port Trust 0.04 Prof.V.S.Raju
Design of Fertilizer Berth Paradeep Port Trust 2.0 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.P.S.Rao Prof.P.K.Aravidan
Strengthining of Iron Ore Berth Paradeep Port Trust 0.4 Prof.V.S.Raju Prof.S.R.Gandhi
Design of Offshore Load out Facility Larson & Toubro 0.4 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Desgin of a Wharf Andaman Harbour Works 0.75 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Design of Container Berth Madras Port Trust 1.50 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Investigation of Bulk Berth Nhava Seva Port Trust 0.40 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.V.G.Idichandy
Development of Software for Jacket Analysis Mazagon Dock Ltd 5.00 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.C.P.Vendhan Dr.S.K.Bhattacharrya
Design of Fisheries Harbour Gopalpur Port Project 1.30 Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.V.Sundar Prof.C.Ganapathy
Design of Approach Trestle Gopalpur Port Project 3.00 Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.V.Sundar
Second coal jetty Tuticorin Port 0.70 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.P.K.Aravindan
Multipurpose Cargo Berth Para deep Port Trust 4.00 Prof.V.Sundar
Sea Water Intake Gopalpur port 1.00 Prof.V.G.Idichandy
Single Buoy Mooring ONGC 1.50 Prof.V.S.Raju Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.P.K.Aravindan
Design of a Wharf Andaman Harbour Works 3.00 Nil
Sea water Intake Maritec Consultants 2.00 Prof.C.Ganapathy Dr.S.R.Gandhi Prof.V.Sundar
Design of Deep water Berth Gopalpur port 5.00 Prof.V.S.Raju Prof.C.P.Vendhan Dr.S.K.Bhattacharrya Dr.V.Anathansubramanian
Loadout of Deck Modules L & T Hazira 4.00 Prof.S.Narasimha Rao Prof.V.Sundar Dr.R.Natarajan
Model studies on sea water intake Birla Pericalsc
7.50 Nil
Wharf at boat basin at Madras Port Trust Amudha Engineering Company .5 Prof.M.R.Pranesh Prof.V.Sundar
Design of sea water intake system at Naripaiyur Entoma Hydro Systems Limited 2.0 Prof.V.Sundar
Design of diffuser block Aban Construction 0.5 Prof.C.Ganapathy
Analysis of Pole mast Mazagon Dock Ltd. 1.0 Prof.M.R.Pranesh Prof.V.Sundar
Development of Colachel Port Tamilnadu Port Department 9.1 Prof.V.Sundar Prof.C.Ganapathy
Development of all weather port at Gopalpur Tata iron and Steel Company Ltd. 1.0 Prof.C.Ganpathy
Design of VCM pipe line DCW Ltd. 0.2 Nil
Design of Jetty at Hazaria Larsen & Toubro 0.25 Nil
Design of Shell roof Telecom 0.25 Prof.C.Ganapathy Prof.V.Sundar
Potential sites along Orissa coast Govt. of Orissa 0.75 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Foundation for Chimney Madras Refinery Ltd. .50 Prof.C.Ganapathy Prof.V.Sundar
Dredging Chilika mouth Chilika Development Authority 1.00 Dr.A.Ramachandriah
REIA study at Tuticorin port RITES 0.3 Prof.C.Ganapathy Prof.V.Sundar Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Master plan for Gopalpur TISCO 1.0 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Container berth at Kandla Port PEEC 0.75 Prof.V.Sundar Prof.S.R.Gandhi Dr.R.Natarajan
DPR for GMB port at POSITRA FRH 8.0 Prof.C.Ganapathy Dr.R.Natarajan
Ship motion studies Gopalpur port 1.5 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Extensiion of Container Terminal at Bharathi Dock Madras port trust 10.0 Prof.M.R.Pranesh Prof.V.Sundar
Offshore Feedstock Handling Facilities for PP/PE plant North of Kakinada M.K.R Industries Ltd.
3.5 Prof.V.Sundar
Wave Flume studies for breakwater section/round heads proposed for jaigad, agargule, vijaydurg and redi port NIO Goa 10.0 Prof.M.R.Pranesh
Review of Design of Container berth Jawaharlal Nehru Port   Trust 2.50 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Foundation facilities at kayamkulam           BPCL 4.0 Prof.V.Sundar
Study of tidal wave effect of sea in adyar river PWD, Institute of Hydraulics and Hydrology, Poondi 1.50 Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Estimation of Dredging Quality at Chilika Lake Chilika Development authority 11.60 Dr.R.Natarajan
Dredging of Chilika lake using cutter section Dredger Chilika Development Authority 8.40 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Design of submarine pipeline Aqua space diving services, coachin 0.30 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Design of Approach jetty for Krishnapatnam �Bpower station Simplex concrete & plile foundation .50 Dr.S.R.Gandhi Dr.R.Ambalavanan Dr.K.Ananathnarayanan
Deepening of berth No.10 & 11 at Mormugoa Port Mormugao Port Trust, Goa 6.0 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Deepening of berth no. 10 & 11 to 13 and beyond at Mormugao Port Trust Mormgao Port tTrust 9.0 Dr.K.Ananthanararyan
Transfer of GTS Benchmark at Chilika Lake Chilika Development Authority 1.33 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Modernisation of East Quay Berth at Madras Port Trust Madras Port Trust 11.0 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Design of Coast Guard Jetty at Port Blair Indian Navy Port Blair 2.50 Prof.M.R.Pranesh Dr.S.R.Gandhi Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Construction of slipway at Kandla Port Trust Kandla Port Trust 12.0 Prof.M.R.Pranesh Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Extention of Berthing jetty at Vadinar Kandla Port Trust 10.0 Prof.M.R.Pranesh Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Design of Extension of jetty at Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu State Construction Corporation 0.15 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Construction of Shallow berth for Handling General Container Cargo Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust 14.0 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Construction of Fish Landing Centre at Gopalpur Port Gopalpur Port 1.0 Dr.R.Natarajan Dr.S.Surendran Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Dharma Fishing centre at Gopalpur on sea Gopalpur port 6.40 Dr.R.Natarajan
Technical spec., Tender Evaluation, Supervision of bldg., of dredger & commissioning of dredger Chilika development Authority 7.70 Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Recommedations for increasing buoyancy of Floating Head feed bin Pontoon IREL 1.50 Nil
Estimation of quantity of Chilika dredging channel Chilika Development Authority 11.06 Prof.C.P.Vendhan Prof.SP.Subramanian
Consultancy services for safety/stability for seawater intake system for desalination plant at Naripayur BHEL 0.30 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Protection wall for filling of Kappalodai at Minor Rock, Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu State Construction Corporation 0.60 Dr.SP.Subramanian
Extension of Naval wharf at port Blair Navy Port Blair 5.00 Dr.R.Natarajan
Augmentation of water supply to Mormugao Port Mormugoa Port trust 1.00 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Ro/Ro facilities between satapada to Jahnikuda Chilika Development Authority 4.50 Prof.V.Sundar
Construction of Cargo Berth No.8 (Multipurpose at Tuticorin Port Trust) Tuticorin Port Trust 6.00 Prof.V.Sundar
Construction of mini fishing harbour at muthalapozhi numerical model studies Harbour Engineering Dept. Trivandrum 8.00 Prof.V.Sundar
Amba creek crossing request for calculations for floatation and buoyuancy ABAN Construction 0.30 Prof.V.Sundar Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Feasibility report for proposed fishing harbour at Veerapandiapattinam Fisheries Dept, Chennai 5.0 Nil
Barge mounted power plant at Mangalore ENCON Services Pvt Ltd. Chennai .75 Nil
Technical expertise of scrunity of technical bids Mazagon Dock Pvt Ltd 0.2 Prof.J.S.Mani Dr.R.Natarajan Dr.S.Neelamani Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Design review for MRL at Nagapattinam DNV, Chennai 0.4 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Groin field for pondicherry coast port department , Govt of Pondicherry Pondicherry Port Development Dept. 8.66 Nil
Graving Dock along with repair facility in NMPT for waterways shipyard Pvt Ltd. Waterways Shipyard Pvt Ltd 11.0 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Bathymetry survey work in river Panchapara Bahabalpur Gopalpur Port 00.28 Nil
Proposal for dewater and excavation scheme for the construction of storage tank at CPCL Chennai Devi Construction 00.25 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Engineering Studies the construction FLC at Barakudi, Balugoan Gopalpur Port 1.20 Dr.R.Natarajan
Review of foundation design of bridges across river Bahuda and river Mahendra Tanaya Navayuga engineering Company 00.4 Dr. R.Natarajan
Approval of drawings of dry feeding system and silos with structure as for material handling system at mineral separation plant IREL 00.4 Nil
Design of drawing for one self-propelled barge chilika Development authority Chilika Development Authority 00.75 Nil
Report on GR Jetty at river hoogly calcutta Good Earth Maritime Ltd 00.25 Prof.V.Sundar
Inspection ofVCM Pipe line support from oil jetty to VCM pipe location DCW Ltd. 00.3 Pro
Bathymetry survey and numerical model studies for east enayam Kurumbanai arokiapuram and simon colony WRO, PWD, Madurai Region 16.00 Dr.S.Neelamani Prof.M.R.Pranesh Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Review of deisgn of monitoring of coastal protection structure for PWD WRO, PWD Maduria Region 15.80 Nil
Review of design and drawing for 9th cargo berth at Kandla Kandla Pot Trust 1.00 Dr.Boominathan Dr.S.P.Subramaniam
Dredging the dock basin infront of cargo berth 8 Tuticorin Port Trust 2.48 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Proof checking of design of moored pile foundation retaining wall and acess for 4 x 1200 Mt bullet at Manali Sximplex Concrete piles 00.8 Dr.A.Boominathan
Pre and post dredging survey in the dock basin in front of Berth 8 Tuticorin Port Trust 00.85 Dr.R.Natarajan
Study of structural stability and strength of the DWC plant at IREL IREL 00.90 Nil
Design of sheet pile wall at Dahej ABAN Construction 00.50 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Proof check of design of deep draft multipurpose berth New Mangalore Port Trust 02.00 Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Excavation of channel in Palur canal Chilika Development Authority 5.14.5 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Stability calculation for deepening of Berth no 8 and Berth no 9. Mormugoa Port Trust 2.00 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Preparation of feasibility report, design drawings tender document for proposed 10th (renamed as 12) cargo berth at Kandla port Kandla Port Trust 13.00 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Bathymetry survey and numerical model study for periyakadu groin work WRO,PWD Madurai 6.0 Dr.S.Neelamani
Construction of FLC at Balugon Dist Khurda work Gopalpur port 2.23 NIL
Construction of slipway at satapada for dry docking of crawlcat dredger and ferry craft Chilika Development Authority 2.0 Dr.R.Natarajan
Construction of Deep water wharf at Hut bay in Little Andaman Manickam & sons contractors Port Blair 0.50 NIL
Construction of deep water wharf at Campbell bay in Great Nicobar Island RDS Project Ltd Port Blair 0.80 NIL
Construction of RMS wall for the protection of IREL Land at Manavalakuruchi M.K.Plant Manavalakurichi Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu 1.90 NIL
Upgradation of existing facilties for the inland water transport sector Inland water Transport 0.75 NIL
Proof checking of design and drawing of shuttering and support arrrangement for ROB Navayuga Engineering limited Vizag 1.0 NIL
Computation of dredging quantity for kalijai Extension Chilika Development Authority 3.58.4 NIL
EIA Report for jetty at Bassein Port Good earth Maritime Limited 1.50 Dr.V.Sundar
Deepening of Eastern dock arm New Managalore port Trust 9.0 NIL
Proof checking of design for covered shed at DGNP Vizag Simplex concrete piles india limited 0.75 Dr.P.Alagusundaramoorthy
Analysis and design of salt unloading jetty at Bassein port Good Earth Maritime Limited 3.0 NIL
Proof checking of design of the bridge across river Krishna near Vijayavada Navayuga Engineering company 6.0 NIL
Monitoring the construction of bridge over Palur canal Chilika Development Authority 0.75 NIL
Extension of salt export jetty at Jakhau Good Earth Maritime Limited 4.0 NIL
Pre cast blocks for use in Marine Environment in the breakwater at the outer arm and east quay at Chennai port Trust Chennai Port Trust 2.5 Dr.K.Ananthanarayana
Goa Shipyard modernization plan Goa Shipyard limited 1.84.5 Dr.V.Ananthasubramnian
Construction of slipway at Malpe Mangalore M/s Tebma Shipyard Limited 2.0 Dr.P.Alagusundaramoorthy
Preparation of Technical feasibility report for setting up and Impounded dock and its allied facilities for the coast of Veera / Sanged at Kandla Port Trust Kandla Port Trust 15.0 Prof.S.R.Gandhi
Modernisation of west Quay berth Proof check of in house design Chennai Port Trust 0.4 NIL
Vibration measurement in bulk berth and service berth at JNPT Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust 2.0 Dr.A.Boominathan
Preparation of report for locating the proposed dry dock No III Andaman Harbour works 0.2.5 Prof.S.R.Gandhi
Extension of Existing Iron ore Berth to handle 75000 DWT vessels in Paradip Port. Paradip Port Trust 7.5 Prof.S.R.Gandhi
Preliminary design of Marine structures for coal handing terminal at Ennore Port Adani Export Limited 3.0 Prof.S.R.Gandhi
Construction of Galvanised steel bridge at Basanthipur and Chainpur Andaman Harbour works 2.0 Prof.S.R.Gandhi
Construction of Deepwater wharf at Campbell bay Andaman Harbour works 1.0 NIL
Dredging at Jakhau Port Good Earth Maritime Limited 2.5 NIL
Bathymetry survey and Numerical Model Study for Kovalam Groin work extension WRO, PWD Madurai 4.0 Dr.V.Sundar
Construction of Dry dock No III for mainland island ship at Bamboo flat Andaman Harbour Works 12.0 Dr.K.Murali
Rehabiltation of Diaphragm wall at paradip port Paradip port trust 4.4 Dr.P.Alagusundaramoorthy
Design of jetty for Inland water Transport Inaland Water Transport 13.22 Dr.K.Ananthanarayanan
Rehabilitation of Drydock and slipway at Port Blair Ministry of Shipping, Andaman Harbour Works 13.77.5 Dr.V.AnanthaSubramanian
Rehabilitation of Junglighat Jetty & Phoenix Bay complex at Port Blair Ministry of Shipping Andaman Harbour works 11.02 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Rehabilitation of HAddo wharf at Port Blair Ministry of Shipping Andaman Harbour works 13.77.5 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Investigation of the condition of North Quay berth and formulation of remedial measures Chennai Port Trust 0.55 NIL
Integrity test on piles and rectification of cracks at Eastern and western sides of Inner harbour entrance Chennai Port Trust 4.4.8 Dr.A.Boominathan
Proof checking of detailed design of Ethylene jetty at karaikal Chemplast Sanmar Limited 3.3.6 Dr.S.A.Sannsairaj
Proof checking of liquid marine liquid terminal at Ennore port limited AFcons Infrastructure limited 0.4 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Rehabilitation of Naval wharf and Coast guard jetty at Andaman & Nicobar Island Military Engineering Service 5.51 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Block wall quay for Tata coal jetty at Mumbai Afcons Infrastructure Limitd 1.0 NIL
Seawater Intake desalination for CPCL Chennai Afcons Infrastructure Limitd 2.20 NIL
Rehabilitation of Diaphragm wall Paradip Port Paradip Port Trust 4.40 Dr.P.Alagusundaramoorthy
Bathymetry survey and Numerical modeling for the construction of Groin at Periyathalai WRO / PWD, Korampallan 5.0 Prof.V.Sundar
Deepening of Central Quay I and Central Quay II at Paradip Port Paradip Port Trust 7.71 NIL
Deepening of Iron Ore berth at Paradip port Paradip Port Trust 7.71 NIL
Design of Iron Ore berth at Ennore Port Adani Export Limited 2.20 NIL
Design of Sheet pile wall for shore protection and raising of existing road level at Bamboo flat area in Port Blair Ministry of Shipping Andaman & Lakshadweep Harbour works 1.10 NIL
Detailed Study for rehabilitation of damaged structures at Pondicherry Port Pondicherry port Department 1.10 Dr.S.A.Sannasiraj
Proof Checking design calculating for bridge across anchenkovil river at Kalleyakadu Sri Giri Consultants 0.44 NIL
Design of R.C.C.Jetty at Mincoy Island at Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works 9.91 NIL
Development of Gangavaram Port Afcons Infrastructure Limited 5.51 NIL
Design of Tank foundation for SPM projects of Kochi refineries Limited Kochi Refineries Ltd 1.65 NIL
Study the effect of Tsunami waves on Sea shore structures Kochi Refineries Ltd 1.70 NIL
Modification of Breakwater at Visakhapatnam Port I.S.N. Raju Civil structural Marine Contractor, Vizag 0.28 NIL
Design of Cargo berth 9 at Tuticorin Port Tuticorin Port Trust 4.40 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Design of Jetty at Hutbay and Campbell Bay Andaman Harbour Works 11.97 Dr.S.R.Gandhi
Structural Adequacy o finger jetty at Chennai Port Trust Chennai port Trust 4.40 NIL
Development of a second container terminal at Chennai Port Modification to East Quay and South Quay III berths to enable deepening to (-)15.5 m CD Chennai port Trust 15.20 NIL