Research Projects

Sponsored Projects

Title of the Project Sponsor / Client Coinvestigators/
1.Studies on Aerodynamic Behaviour of 220 m Tall single flue chimney M/s Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadam, Nigam Limited , Suratgant Dr.N.Lakshmanan
S.Selvi Rajan
G.Ramesh Babu
R.Panneer Selvamt
4 months
2.Proof Checking the design of Guest House Building of IIFCO Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Ltd Kandla –Do– 3 months
3. Wind Tunnel investigations of an aeroelastic model of a chimney including interference effects M/S Fichtner Consulting Engineers, Chennai –Do– 4 months
4. Calibration of anemometers

Neg-Micon (I) Pvt Ltd

1 months
5.Wind Tunnel investigations on Sale Tower Y.S. Sane associates –Do– 3 months
6. Wind tunnel study on a monumental tower CPWD, New Delhi –Do– 3 months
7. Pressure measurement tests on a cooling tower using BLWT (Phase I) NLC, Neyveli –Do– 6 months
8. Wind tunnel testing on aeroelastic model of a cooling tower and testing for interference effects NLC, Neyveli –Do– 6 months
9. Wind tunnel static section model test on the deck of a long span cable stayed bridge M/s Affcons Infrastructure Ltd, Mumba –Do– 4 months
10. Wind tunnel testing on group effects of steel chimneys BHEL, Ranipet –Do– 4 months
11. Wind tunnel testing on aeroelastic model of natural draught cooling tower including interference effects Gammon India Ltd, Mumbai –Do– 6 months