Research Guidance

S.No Name of Student Area/Title of Thesis Degree &Status
1. Sheeja Janardhanan Numerical Estimation of Hydrodynamic Derivatives in Surface Ship Maneuvering PhD – Completed


Aswathy Senan

Study of Non-Linear Effects of Free Surface Waves on Marine Structures

PhD- Completed
3. Sunny Kumar Poguluri Non-Linear Time Domain Analysis of Floating Body Hydrodynamics Using Potential Flow Model PhD – Ongoing


Dinoj Davis Chalissery

Numerical and experimental ship propeller hydrodynamics

PhD – Ongoing
5. Rajita Shenoi. R Numerical and Experimental Study of Surface Ship Maneuving PhD – Ongoing


Bharatwaja Srinivasan

Hydrodynamic Studies on an under-actuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

PhD- Completed


Praveen P.C

Dynamic Modeling and Estimation of Hydrodynamic Coefficients for a Family of Axisymmetric Underwater Vehicles

PhD- Completed
8. Naga Praveen, B.M Study on Flapping Foil Propulsion System for Ships/ Underwater Vehicles PhD – Ongoing


Rameesha T V

Ship Controllability

PhD – Ongoing
10. Lakshmi Ship Stability in Extreme Seas PhD – Ongoing


Suneela Jangam

Ship Hydrodynamics

PhD – Ongoing
12. Baireddy Krishna Study of Trim And Sinkage of Ships In Restricted Waterways MS – Completed


Ankush Kulshrestha

Ship Maneuvering in Shallow Waters

MS – Ongoing
14. Roni Francis Underwater Towed Bodies MS – Ongoing



Wave Force Estimation on Offshore Structures Using FEM

M.Tech – Completed
16. Baiju.M.V Design and Analysis of Floating Dock M.Tech – Completed



Incorporation of Graphical Pre- and Post-Processors for the Estimation of Wave Forces on Marine Structures Using Finite Element Method

M.Tech – Completed
18. Naiju.C.D Impact Load due to Non-Contact Underwater Explosion on Marine Structures M.Tech – Completed


Anil Kumar.K.A

Estimation of the Relative Wave Height Contribution on Second-Order Wave Force Using FEM

M.Tech – Completed

20. Praveen.P.P A Study on Second-Order Wave Potential Dependent Forces on Offshore Structures M.Tech – Completed



Non-Conventional Energy Applied to Ships and Marine Structures, with Emphasis on Wind Energy

M.Tech – Completed

22. Aswathy Senan Wave Force Estimation on Semi-Submersibles and its Motion Analysis M.Tech – Completed


Sheeja Janardhanan

Motion Analysis of Buoys in Free-Floating and Moored Conditions

M.Tech – Completed

24. G.Devi Swarna: Study on the wave wake of high speed vessels and its transformation in near shore region M.Tech – Completed



Design and Analysis of Rudder for a Twin-Screw Cargo Vessel

M.Tech – Completed

26. Arunkumar P D Numerical Hydrodynamic Analysis Of Trimaran Light Aboard Ship M.Tech – Completed


Kareem Khan

Studies on Waterjet- Hull System Performance and Power Prediction

M.Tech – Completed

28. Naik Numerical Estimation of Trimaran Vessel Wave Loads and Motions M.Tech – Completed


Aniket Anand

Hydrodynamic Study of a Ship fitted with Pod Propulsion System

M.Tech – Completed

30. Phanikumar Hydrodynamic Performance of a Vessel fitted with Active Anti-Roll Fins M.Tech – Completed


Praveen Surendra A

Motion and Controllability of Towed Offshore Structures

M.Tech – Ongoing

32. K. Harsha Vardhan Reddy Study on the effect of propeller and rudder on manoeuvring derivatives M.Tech – Ongoing