Research Guidance

Post Doctoral Guidance:

Name of Fellow: Dr.N.M.Sudharsan & Dr.Mirel
Area of Research: Hydro-Elastic Analysis in Waves using Time Domain Approach
No. of Publications: 5 Intl. Jl. + 1 Intl. Conf.


Research Degree Name of the scholar Title of thesis Year of award Co-guide
(Singapore MIT Alliance, NUS)
 Transient fluid-structure interaction with non-linear free surface effects  2002  Prof. Khoo Boo Cheong, NUS, Singapore.
 Parallel Computing on Unstructured Meshes  2002  -
 Ph.D  VIJAYALAKSHMI.K  Hydrodynamics of perforated circular caisson encircling a vertical cylinder  2005  Prof. R.
 Ph.D  P.L. VIJAYAKUMARI  Wave Induced Pressures and Forces on Tandem Twin Submarine Pipelines near a Rigid Sloping Boundary  2006  Prof.V.Sundar
 Ph.D  P. JAGADEESH  Hydrodynamic Investigation of an Underwater Body near free surface  2007  -
 M.S  MANASA RANJAN BEHERA  Simulation of Multi Fluid Systems (MFS) Using Interface Tracking Techniques  2006  -
 M.S  KANNAYYA SETTI VARIGALA  Wave Induced Pressures and Forces on the deck of Offshore Structures  2006  Prof.V.Sundar
 M.S  VENKATESWARALU PADIGALA  Drag and Lift Coefficients of Axisymmetric Underwater Bodies  2007  -
 M.S  SULFIKAR ALI  RANSE Based Estimation of Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Ships in Dynamic Conditions.x  2007  Prof.V.Anantha subramanian
M.S SASMITA MOHANTY Acceleration Potential Approach to Fully Nonlinear Two-dimensional Wave-Body Interactions. 2008 -
Ph.D NOARAYANAN L Studies On The Effect Of Vegetion On The Forces And Run-Up On Structures Due To Waves 2009 Prof.V.Sundar
Ph.D DINESH Numerical Analysis Of Hull Propeller Interaction With Hull Optimization For Design 2009 Prof.V.Anantha subramanian
M.S SWETHA R Numerical Investigations On The Interaction Of Weakly Non-Linear Waves With Plane,Serrated And Dented Slopes 2010 Prof.V.Sundar
Ph.D M.R.BEHERA Modeling Tsunami And Its Interaction With Tidal Amphidromes Using Unstructed Explicit Fem 2010 Prof.V.Sundar

Post Doctoral guidance – 3.

M.Tech. guidance – Several;

B.Tech. guidance – Several.

 Major Research Grants

Role Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Value in Rs. Status
PI Investigations into Vortex Induced Oscillations of a Spring – Mass System under Currents and Waves Naval Research Board, India INR 42,00,000 Ongoing
Co.PI Assessment of functional performance of coastal structures along east coast of India Ministry of Earth Sciences (ICMAM) INR 91,87,400 Ongoing
PI Development of an Efficient Global SWE Model coupled with a short wave model. ISRO, INDIA INR 22,04,400 Completed
PI Hydrodynamic model studies and applicability of RANS solvers for Ship control Naval Research Board, India INR 30,00,000 Completed
Co.PI Unstructured CFD code to Simulate Coastal Hydrodynamics MPA, Singapore INR 29,37,933 Completed
Co.PI Development of a fully non-linear wave simulator NUS, Singapore INR 74,25,000 Completed

Major Industrial Consultancy Projects

No Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Project Value (*10 5 )RS
 1  Development of Colachel Port Govt. of Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu Port Development 9.1
2  Design for Diffusor System ABAN Constructions 0.30
3  Hydrographic survey of Nizampatnam Good earth Maritime Ltd 2.75
4 Numerical modeling studies at Impound for dock off Tekra Kandla Port Trust, Gujarat  19.6
5 Model studies for minor fishery harbour at Harwood point, West Bengal West Bengal Fisheries corporation ltd., Kolkata 3.58
6 Extension of South Breakwater – Model studies  Paradip Port Trust, Orissa 9.37
7 EIA Study for fishing harbours at  Nizampatnam  Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & fisheries Dept., Govt of A.P.,  Hyderabad 3.30
8 ISTK-1-Seawater Intake, outfall & product water conveyance system of CPCL project, Manali, Chennai-system study including computer based CFD analysis for intake sump.  Navayuga Engg. Company ltd 2.25
9 Dispersion of high saline discharge studies for Chennai Water Desalination Ltd. Madras Research Centre of Central 4.90
10 Coastal protection works –extn. of groyne @ Periyakadu in Kanyakumari district (155m) – Bathymetry survey (May’06 to Nov’08) WRO, PWDNagercoil  4.77
11 Coastal protection works – construction of groyne @ Mannakudi village in Kanyakumari district – Bathymetry survey. WRO, PWDNagercoil  4.93
12 Development of fisheries Harbour at Arnala, Taluka vasai, Dist, Thana, Maharashtra. Investigation & preparation of Techno Economic feasibility report-conducting numerical model study and recommendation there of. West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd 4.88
13 Design of outfall for seawater desalination Manali Afcons Infrastructure Limited, Mumbai.  2.20
14 Numerical Model Studies for offshore Terminal off Tekra with Dredge pit at -9.4m Kandla Port Trust  3.25
15 Disaster Management Department – Study on Coastal Protection on the Entire Coast of the State – Government of Kerala Revenue Department,Govt. of Kerala,Thiruvananthapuram  7.29
16 WRO – Construction of two Groynes of 400m length (each) at Theresapuram in Thoothukudi District (Feb’07 to Feb’09) WRO, PWD, Korampallam Aru Basin Division, Thoothukudy  4.88
17 WRO – Construction of Groynes at Idinthakarai at Tirunelveli District. WRO, PWDChittar Basin Division,Tenkasi 4.88
18 Construction of Ro-Ro Berth at the Southern end of the Container Terminal – Numerical model Studies to Verify Tranquility. Chennai Port Trust 3.36
19 Establishing stability number for Kolos, using Hudson’s formula (Jan’08-Jan’10)  Krishnapatnam Port  Company Ltd  4.8
20 Conducting Physical Model Studies for typical sea wall cross section (Jan’08-Jan’10) Govt. of Kerala  17.07

21 .Detailed project report for jetty facility for import of coal for proposed power plant of 2x800MW at Dhopawe.

Project Value                 INR 37.71 lakhs

Role                              Co.PI

Client                            MAHAGENCO, Maharashtra, INDIA

22. Dispersion of high saline discharge studies for Chennai Water Desalination Ltd

Project Value                 INR 4.9 lakhs

Role                              PI

Client                            CMFRI, Chennai, INDIA

23. Expert Advisory Report on influx of mangrove debris and siltation at Tanjong Bin intake basin.

Project Value                 INR 5.60 lakhs

Role                              PI

Client                            TPSC (Toshiba India),  INDIA

24. Expert Advisory Report on influx of mangrove debris and siltation at Tanjong Bin intake basin.

Project Value                 INR 5.60 lakhs

Role                              PI

Client                            TPSC (Toshiba India),  INDIA

25. Numerical model Studies for tidal hydrodynamics at Kandla Creek

Project Value                 INR 19.0 lakhs

Role                              Co.PI

Client                            Kandla Port Trust.

26. Computational Fluid Dynamics studies of Changi water reclamation plant.

Project Value:                S$187,000.

Role                              PI

Client:                           CH2M-Hill, USA.

27. Problem Area: Ship hydrodynamics (title Confidential)

Project Role:                  Principal investigator

Project Value:                S$35,000.

Duration:                       2001-2002.

Client:                           Singapore Navy.

Project Details:

The multi-body interaction of a submerged floating body, of the size of a human, with a mine-hunting ship has been investigated.  The safety of the mine-hunting sonar equipment is in question.  This work aimed at prediting the trajectories of the submerged body while it approaches the ship from the front.  Current and wave effects were considered.  The studies suggested the possible position and configuration of a deflector structure for the sonar array.

28. Problem Area: Ship Hydrodynamics and Berthing Manoeuvre (title Confidential).

Project Role:                  Principal investigator
Project Value:                S$60,000.

Duration:                       1 Year.

Client:                           Singapore Navy.

Project Details:

Movement of several naval ships were considered in a naval base.  The study aims at optimising the space between some proposed new facilities.  Naval ships of several tonnages were considered, starting from destroyers to mini-subs.  The hydrodynamics of the bodies were simulated by strip theory.  The traffic is controlled by a Swedish code named PORTSIM.

30. CFD studies on sedimentation in a Clarifier.

Project Role:                  Team member
Project Value:                S$47,000.

Duration:                       6 Months.

Client:                           Binnie-Black & Veactch (USA).

Project Details:

Sediment motions in a clarifier in a watrer treatment plant is considered.  The sediment movement is predominantly characterised by inlet velocities and the movement of a scum scrapper in the clarifier.  3D CFD simulations were conducted to optimise the design of a drum that streamlines the flow in the clarifier.

31. Computer Simulation of a “White” Water Phenomenon.

Project Role:                  Principal investigator
Project Value:                S$5,000.

Duration:                       1 Month.

Client:                           Public Utilities Board, Singapore.

Project Details:

This project aims at studying the levels of air-ingress in a water main due to a change in the state of operation.  Due to varying air-ingress levels, at different times of the day, the water distribution system may have a white coloured water.  The study predicted the percentage of air in the water distribution system and characterises the behaviour of air pockets at various parts of the water main.

32. Improvement of Flow conditions in the Machilipatnam creek (India).

Project Role:                  Senior Project Officer

Project Value:                Unknown.

Duration:                       More than 1 Year.

Client:                           Machilipatnam Port.

Project Details:

Machilipatnam creek in a major shipping channel for fishermen in the area.  Vessels travelling along the channel encountered navigational problems. It has been established through numerical model simulations that formation of multiple eddies of the scale of half the channel width complicated navigation of vessels.  These eddies were in-turn caused by the flow from a side canal from the north that caused the south bank to erode.  Mitigation measures were suggested based on numerical model studies with modified channel geometries.


Membership on institutional, national or international scientific advisory boards

  • Royal Institution of Naval Architecture (RINA), UK.
  • Indian Society for Hydraulics (ISH), India.
  • International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (IAHR).

Co-ordination, Training & Committees.

1. Joint Organising secretary for ICHE 2010.

2. Organising committee for the “15th Congress of International Association of Hydraulic Research”, Aug. 7 – 10, 2006.

3.Organising committee for the Workshop on “Tsunami Effects and Mitigation Measures” Dept. Ocean Engg, IIT Madras, 26 Dec 2005.

4.Organising committee for the “Workshop on “Coastal Protection Measures”, conducted by International Ocean Institute, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, 5 &6 Nov 2004, Kanyakumari.

5.Organising committee for the Short term course on “ Coastal Engineering” conducted by International Ocean Institute, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, 31 Jan-2 Feb 2004.

6.Organising committee for the workshop on “ Coastal Problems & solutions” conducted by International Ocean Institute, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, 3-4 Feb 2004.


Post Tsunami surveys

A survey on Tsunami height, inundation and run-up has been carried out along the stretch of coastline from North Chennai to Pondicherry with a team of scientists from U.S and Korea.  In the second phase, another detailed survey was carried out in Andaman and Nicobar Islands – including Hevelock, Neil, North Andaman and Little Andaman areas.

Invited lectures

  • Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Madras on “Applicability of RANS solvers to Ship Hydrodynamics”.
  • University of Madras on “Numerical modeling of coastal flooding”.
  • NPOL, Cohin on “CFD and Its Applications”.
  • TKM College of Engineering, Kerala on “Waves & Tsunamis and their Mitigation”.
  • Lecture delivered in modelling of Tsunamis in the workshop on “Coastal Problems & Solutions” conducted at Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, between 31st Jan. – 4th Feb. 2005.
  • Lecture delivered in modelling of Tsunamis in the “Workshop on Coastal Protection” conducted by the Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, on 11th Aug. 2006.

Institute & Departmental activities

  • User representative for the campus HPC user community of IBM Power4 server.
  • Member of campus network management committee.
  • Warden, MAHANADHI Hostel.
  • In-charge of Departmental Computational Facility (DCF).
  • In-charge of 2m wide wave flume and wave basin.
  • Carried out major modernisation of the DCF.
  • Implementation of Glass Flume for the FIST program.