Title of Publication

Pandey G, Kumar A, Veluswamy HP, Sangwai JS, Linga P*. Morphological studies of mixed methane tetrahydrofuran hydrates in saline water for energy storage application. Energy Procedia. 2017, 143, 786-791.
Year of Publication : 2017

About Publication

Solidified natural gas (SNG) in the form of clathrate hydrates has been considered one of the most promising technologies for natural gas storage and transportation because it is safe and economically feasible compared to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). In this direction, we recently observed that mixed methane tetrahydrofuran hydrates had the ability to store a significant amount of methane gas close to ambient temperature conditions. To further improve the economic feasibility of methane gas storage and transportation process, utilization of saline water was recommended. In the present work, we investigate the morphology of mixed CH4/THF hydrate formation and dissociation in presence of NaCl for the first time. Morphology changes observed during the nucleation, hydrate growth and dissociation of mixed hydrates at two different operating conditions are presented. All the experiments were performed with a stoichiometric concentration of THF (5.56 mol% THF). More over, the gas uptake was also measured and compared with non-salt experiments.