International Visitors – Faculty/Researchers

Visitor & Affiliation
Date of Visit
Prof. A. Schlenkhoff
Univ. Of Wuppertal
07-18 Jan 2008
Prof.Torsten Schlurmann
Univ. Of Hannover
07-18 Jan 2008
Prof. Giorgio Serino
Deputy Director and Delegate, International affairs, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
02 Dec 2009
Prof. S.Y. Wang
Director of NCCHE at University of Mississippi, Oxford, USA
04 Dec 2009
Mr. Trevor Blakeley
Chief Executive of Royal Institution of Naval Architects London
07 Dec 2009
Prof. Murilo Vaz
Dept. of Ocean Engineering, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro Brazil
08 Dec 2009
Dr. George M. Fadel
Professor and Exxon Mobil Employees Chair in Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University
18 Mar 2010
Prof. P.R. Gopu of University of Rhode Island, USA
11 May 2010
Dr Phil Thompson
Chairman, BMT Marine & Offshore Surveys Ltd, UK
03 Jun 2010
Prof. Neil Bose
Director of  Australian Maritime College, Tasmania University
17 Feb 2011
Dr. Srinivas Bette’
Chairman, Quasitum Inc, USA
01 Dec 2010
Mr. Peter French  
President, RINA & CEO, British Maritime Technology (BMT) Group
07 Apl 2011
Director, Centre for Infrastructure and Constructed Facilities,
Florida Atlantic University, USA
17 Aug 2011
Professor Robin Wallace, University of Edinburgh, UK
28 Aug 2012
Dongchull Jeon
Director, Ocean Circulation & Climate Research Division,
 Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
21 Nov 2012