Research Interest

Broad Area of Research Interest




Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Simulation

Smart / Low-Salinity Water Flooding

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery

Emulsion Stabilization by Nanoparticle-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding

Pressure Transient Analysis

Hydraulic Fracturing

Reservoir Compaction and Land Subsidence

Heavy Oil Extraction

Shale / Tight Gas Reservoirs

Carbonate / Fractured Reservoirs

CO2 Sequestration

Coal Bed Methane (CBM)

Rock Mechanics

Offshore Oil Spill





Groundwater Hydraulics

Recharge Estimation

Artificial Recharge

Pumping Test Analysis

Capture Zone Delineation

Contaminant Transport

Macro-Dispersion / Differential Advection

Scale / Time-Dependent Dispersivity

Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology

Onshore Oil Spill (LNAPL)

Groundwater – Nitrate Transport

Groundwater – Colloidal Transport

Groundwater – Virus Transport

Fracture Network Modeling


Enhanced Geothermal Energy System

Fractured Geothermal Reservoir


Sub-surface Transport of Low-Level Nuclear Wastes


Subsurface Computational Fluid Dynamics

Saturated Subsurface Heat and Mass Transfer

Reservoir Thermodynamics





Heat and Mass Transfer through Porous Medium

Thermodynamics of Fluid-Solid / Fluid-Fluid Interactions associated with Porous Medium

Computational Fluid Dynamics




Basic Research


Trying to understand the behavior of fluid flow in a fractured reservoir as against the conventional classical porous medium, where we do a have reasonable understanding in describing fluid flow, especially at the macroscopic scale. However, in a fractured/carbonate reservoirs, it is extremely difficult to deduce a reasonable REV, which in turn, poses a great challenge in deducing the mean value of the dependent variable of interest (spatial and temporal distribution of pressure and saturation profiles). In this context, investigations are being carried out in order to capture the anomalies associated with a fractured/carbonate reservoirs with reference to the single continuum hypothesis of a classical porous medium.




Applied Research


Numerical investigations on Enhanced Oil Recovery by Microbial Flooding under non-isothermal conditions.

Numerical investigations on phase-behavior effects of Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery by In-Situ Combustion.

Numerical Investigations on Coupled Fluid Flow and Geo-mechanical Modeling.

Numerical Modeling on Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing.

Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow through Shale Gas Reservoirs.

Numerical Modeling of Enhanced Methane Recovery from CBM Reservoirs.

Numerical Investigations on CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers.

Numerical investigations on velocity of nano-particles in a Fractured Petroleum Reservoir.

Numerical investigations on fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons in a sub-surface system (Onshore Oil Spill).

Experimental investigations on wettability alteration in carbonate reservoirs using nano-fluids.

Field investigations on an oil spilled contaminated site.

Mathematical model that considers the transport of petroleum hydrocarbons in saturated fractured rocks.

Mathematical model that considers the sub-surface transport of nuclear wastes through fractured rocks.

Numerical Investigations on Enhanced Geothermal-Energy System (EGS).