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Visit ” ” for Post-Doc / Ph D / M S Positions: “Computational Fluid Dynamics” / Numerical Investigations on ” Fluid Flow through Fractured Reservoirs: Pressure Transient Analysis / “Thermal/Chemical/Biological Enhanced Oil Recovery” / “Coupled Fluid Flow and Geo-mechanical Modeling” / “Non-Isothermal Single and Multi-Phase Fluid Flow” / “Numerical Modeling: Fluid Flow through Shale Gas Reservoirs / Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs” / Hydraulic Fracturing / Gas Hydrates / Numerical Modeling of Offshore Oil Spill / “Onshore Oil Spill: Numerical Modeling of LNAPL Dissolution Kinetics” / “Environmental Impacts of Conventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Production” / ” Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing” / “Environmental Impacts of Offshore and Onshore Oil Spill” / “Impact of Offshore Oil Spill on Coastal Aquifers” / “Numerical Modeling of Reservoir Compaction and Land Subsidence” / “Numerical Modeling of Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing” / “Migration of Nuclear Wastes through Hard Rocks ” / “Enhanced Geothermal Energy System” / “Contaminant Transport through Fracture Network” / “Non-Darcian Fluid Flow through Heterogeneous Porous Medium” / “Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer through Porous Medium”