• Book Publication

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    • Srinivasan Chandrasekaran. 2016. Advanced Structural Analysi...

    • Srinivasan Chandrasekaran. 2015. Ocean structures and materi...

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  • About me

    My Research Interest is Nonlinear dynamic analysis of offshore compliant structures ,Earthquake resistant analysis and design of structures,Modal pushover analysis of framed structures,Base isolated structures,Semi-active damping devices for response control of structures,Seismic analysis of offshore structures,Shell structures under shock and impact loads, HSE and environmental management of Offshore and Petroleum engineering, Risk and Reliability of Offshore structures....

  • Students

    • Merin Thomas, In Progress/M.S. , Suppression of VIV in cylindrical members

    • Rakshit kumar Sisodiya, In Progress/M.S , Seismic analysis of FSRUs

    • Shihas A. Khader, In Progress/M.S , Dynamic analysis of large floating platforms

    • Ragavi Bhoopathy, In Progress/M.S , Wave energy converters

    • Sengur Mayank, In Progress/M.S , Dynamic analysis of offshore triceratops with stiffened Buoyant Leg Units

    • Kiran, 2014/M.S , Accident modeling and safety assessment in oil and gas industries

    • Madhuri Nannaware, 2013/M.S, Dynamic analysis of offshore triceratops under regular waves and seismic excitations

    • Koshti Yuvraj, 2013/M.S , Dynamic analysis of Tension Leg Platforms under extreme waves

    • Saravana Kumar, 2012/M.S , Dynamic response of offshore tension leg platforms with perforated cylinders

    • Lino Harilal, 2012/M.S, Nonlinear dynamic analysis of multi-legged articulated towers with tuned mass dampers

    • P.A.Kiran, In progress/Ph.D, Stability analysis of Offshore Compliant structures

    • Gudapati Venkata Kiran, In progress/Ph.D, Risk assessment in offshore structures

    • CT. Thailammai, In progress/Ph.D, Hull monitoring of large floating structures

    • Jamshed Nassery, In progress/Ph.D, Springing and Ringing response of offshore triceratops

    • Lognath, R., In progress/Ph.D, Dynamic analysis of buoyant leg supported Floating, Storage and Regasification Unit oil exploration

    • Ajesh Kumar, P.T, In progress/Ph.D, Structural health monitoring of offshore structures

    • R. Ranjani, 2015/Ph.D, Response control of offshore structures using active and passive control mechanisms

    • N. Madhavi, 2014/Ph.D, Hydrodynamic performance of perforated cylinders and their application in offshore structures

    • Amar Karthik, A., 2013/Ph.D, Power generation using non-buoyant body wave energy converter

    • Seeram Madhuri, 2013/Ph.D, Nonlinear dynamic response of offshore triceratops

    • Harinder, 2013/Ph.D, Power generation using mechanical wave energy converter

    • Narayan R. Chandak, 2007/Ph.D, Nonlinear dynamic analysis of Offshore triangular TLPs subjected to environmental loadings